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favorite tour: ZOO TV
"Changed concerts as we knew it. I was the right age (mid to late teens) and was completely submersed in the experience."
favorite show: 2001-08-03 - Arnhem
"Standing on the edge of the heart, the show, smaller in contrast to the previous tours, was so full of energy. It was amazing!"
favorite album: The Joshua Tree
"This brought me to U2 and it is still the powerhouse it was all those years ago."
favorite song: Where The Streets Have No Name
"Every time this song is played in concert and you are standing there in the crowd in front of the stage, it's a surreal moment. The energy is amazing. The guitar build up, lyrics you can insert your own meaning. It's the ultimate concert song."

about pickupthepieces76
Back in the 80's my mother became a U2 fan. After a while I became one too and the other familymembers enjoyed their music too. We all went to the ZooTV tour (mind blowing) and I have been going ever since.
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