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2018-05-23 - Chicago
"When I woke up I was so excited to go .."
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The Joshua Tree
mauriceh01 heard 11 songs from the album live.
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favorite tour: Experience and Innocence tour
"It was refreshing to see U2 continue their Innocence tour from 2015 and add family aspects and the emotional side of the band. This just makes me more and more excited to see them again and again. Each show is literally an event in itself! I particularly enjoyed how Bono brought back the newly technological update of the MacPhisto character and add some fun with the digital images. Also, very much agreed with Bono's depiction of what America is like today from a political standpoint where during Pride (in the name of love) they used images and video of the ugly Charlottesville, VA white supremacy march to show that this is not what America is about, but rather America is more aligned with the marches of Dr MLK and peace. "
favorite album: The Joshua Tree
"Most powerful songs I've ever heard all in one album. The 2017 Joshua Tree tour was epic and I am going to 4 U2 shows this November in Australia, coming all the way from the SF Bay Area, California. "
favorite song: Where The Streets Have No Name
"Song still gives me goosebumps over 30 years later!"

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