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107 shows during 14 tours
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2017-07-22 - Dublin
"I came over from California a day earl.."
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Achtung Baby
arsenal65 heard 12 songs from the Achtung Baby album live.
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favorite tour: ZOO TV
"Zoo TV changed how all bands approached live performances forever. "
favorite show: 2001-04-20 - San Jose
"One of the band's best performances ever. "
favorite album: Achtung Baby
"By just a hair over Joshua Tree but I truly enjoy all their work. Zooropa was so ahead of its time as was Pop. "
favorite song: Where The Streets Have No Name
"I truly have no favorite song, but Streets is the best song live by any band ever. "

about arsenal65
I'm a long time fan; married to a fellow U2 fan and we have three wonderful children. (All have been to shows :) I'm a teacher and soccer coach. U2 have been a major part of my life in all areas of my life, from faith to family to politics and beyond. I first heard U2 as a young teenager in 1982, attended my first U2 show the following year in Los Angeles for the War tour. I've been to each tour that followed except Lovetown. One last fun fact; I was fortunate enough to be included in the U2 - ZooTv Video Confessional (From ZooTv Bonus DVD).
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